Strategic Innovation

IIRA - Strategic Innovation Consulting

Innovation Strategy helps you outperform your industry rivals by installing innovation at the core of your business. For over fifteen years, Innovation has worked with clients in durable goods, consumer products, retail, financial services, healthcare, energy, chemical, government, communications and media sectors on their most significant strategy, innovation and growth challenges. As the world’s foremost innovation-focused consulting practice, they draw on their unparalleled innovation expertise, helping clients achieve and sustain industry leadership through innovation, developing game-changing strategies for growth, and implementing these strategies through capability development, opportunity management and organizational excellence.

Innovation Strategies can help you programmatically develop a core competence for innovation. And, we can help you episodically apply innovation tools and techniques to create and act on breakthrough strategies and profitable growth platforms and opportunities. We work closely with you to jointly structure and execute a tailored journey that’s right for your situation. 

We combine the business acumen of seasoned executives, the learning focus of a leadership development expert and the creativity of an innovation specialist to get you on the path to sustainable and profitable growth. We are your coach, advisor and collaborator.