Institution–Industry Linkage


IiRA is not just another technology exchange forum – we actually facilitate the technology dialogue between providers and consumers of technology through productive Institution - Industry interactions at the global level. This enables all stakeholders - faculty, scientists, technocrats and students to interact with Industry and Investors in the most effective manner and derive mutual benefit.

IiRA will moderate these interactions through a variety of services like:

  • Professional consultancy by University Faculty to Industry
  • Industrial testing by Faculty & Technicians on-site or in the laboratory
  • Joint research programs & field studies by Faculty and Industry
  • Visits of Faculty to Industry for study and discussions and / or delivering lectures on subjects of mutual interest
  • Visits of Industry Executives and practicing engineers to Institutions for evaluating research work and laboratories, discussions and delivering lectures  on industrial practices, trends and experiences
  • MoU between Institutions and Industries to drive collaborative projects
  • Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of Institutions & Industry
  • Active participation of experts from Industry in curriculum development
  • Professorial Chairs at the Universities with sponsorship from Industry
  • Sponsorship of R&D Laboratories by Industry
  • Practical on-the-job training of students
We provide high level consulting for setting up Research Institutes focused in any vertical involving industry leaders and leading academics and universities.