At IiRA, we are committed to the mission of facilitating collaborative research and identifying opportunities for contract research. As a technology oriented organization, all initiatives from IiRA will be directed at providing un-stinted support to alliances with technology partners worldwide - through robust networks and sustained co-operation at all levels.

IiRA serves as a center of excellence and work in close collaboration with Industry, Research Organizations and Universities in India to build fruitful associations with their counterparts around the globe. Core activities that include planning, conceptualization and implementation support for Technology Ecosystems with emphasis on forging Institution – Industry linkages, form the corner stone of the IiRA mandate.

The abiding passion for technology that characterizes our DNA is the motivating force that inspires every one at IiRA to do more - to enable easy and effective access to providers and consumers of advanced and emerging technologies.

Our main focus is to provide a platform to exchange ideas, technologies, build research and business collaborations, commercialize technology and provide access to new markets.

The vision is to foster links between academics, businesses, researchers and entrepreneurs from worldwide to India to leverage upon each others ecosystems for mutual benefit and success