IIRA – Investment, Innovation & Research Alliance - facilitates and supports the research and innovation ecosystem through a holistic approach to investment, innovation systems and collaborative research.

At IiRA, we are uniquely positioned to deliver this promise by leveraging our experience, extensive networks and deep insights in the realm of research and investment. We are advisors to renowned organizations including Fraunhofer-Gesselschaft, the German Federal Ministry of Education & Research, and several leading players from industry.
For the Indian corporate sector, we bring two major strategic partnerships through Innovation Strategy, US and Induct Software, Norway.

IiRA – ensuring the dialogue between key players in the technology space to nurture a new culture of innovation.
India has just taken off the starting blocks in the journey of R&D and Innovation, but holds forth immense potential thanks to a vast and diverse talent pool. The need of the hour is for nurturing the entire ecosystem of institution-industry and research linkages, to ensure a fertile space for innovation to thrive.

We Make Your Business Scalable


To Build A Connected Innovation Ecosystem Worldwide That Leads To Collaboration And Cocreation And Is Sustainable.


To Build Value For All Stakeholders In The Ecosystem Through Collaboration.
"Varadarajan Krish"
Co-founder and President - IiRA
Organizations And Entrepreneurs Tend To Solve Their Challenges On Their Own Not Knowing That There Are More Efficient Ways To Do This Better. One Of The Best Ways Is To Leverage The Skills And Expertise Available In The Global Ecosystem. More Than Ever Before, We All Need To Come Together To Solve The Challenges Facing The Mankind Today. “Collaborate To Co-create The Future”.